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How to Optimize My YouTube Videos

Welcome to How to Optimize My YouTube Videos Page. We trust that you will find our How to Optimize My YouTube Videos Page useful in making your decision for Chiropractors in Sometown, CA.

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When you initially log in to YouTube you will see a link at the top of the page right of center that says Upload. Click this link, then select the video file to upload, Then add a title, description, and tags.


This is what YouTube uses for search results so it is important that it includes some keywords without over doing it. It is also important that this reads nicely because this will be the link that people click to watch the video. Here are a couple simple examples:
For these examples I am using Broomfield Colorado as an example – you would replace this with your city and state information.

For a back pain testimonial video:

Chronic Back Finally Resolved by Broomfield CO Chiropractors


Broomfield CO Chiropractors Resolve 20 Years of Back Pain

The idea with the title is to use your city, state and chiropractors (or acupunturists or health care or whatever vertical is appropriate for your videos) combined with a phrase that briefly describes the video.

Next is the Description:

This gives more details about the video and should also include a call to action:

For Example if we used one of the titles above we could use the following:

  • Visit our website to find out more on how you and your family can benefit from Chiropractic. A local police officer has suffered from Chronic neck and back pain following a car accident 15 years ago. Currently, he is receiving Chiropractic care at Warhurst Family Chiropractic, today’s Broomfield Chiropractors, and he is now back to enjoying all the activities he avoided for more than a decade.

Be sure to include the http:// with your own website address so that it will create a clickable link. If you don’t add the http:// you will see the web address but it will not be clickable. With the description more tends to be better than less in regards to how much of a description you should provide. Definitely use your primary keywords in the description and your location.

Next we will add some Tags:

These are keywords that are comma separated. Don’t overkill on this. We suggest 4-6 comma separated.

Again if we were using the title and description above these would be a good example or tags for the video:

chiropractors in Broomfield CO, Broomfield CO Chiropractors, Chronic Back Pain Broomfield CO, Broomfield Back Pain, Broomfield CO Neck Pain, etc.

Select a Category:

Then select People and Blogs for the category (e.g. do not choose science and technology unless your video relates to science and technology or Google will not index it). Especially for testimonial videos the best category is People and Blogs and this category tends to index the best for search engines.

One last step very important step to optimize the video – click the Advanced Settings tab.

Here you will see a number of options about the privacy settings but more importantly you will see:

Created Date and Location:

In the right column are two items you will want to update: Created Date and Location.
Modify the date to the desired created date, which is typically when you made the video – if you are not sure just select todays date. Then copy and paste your office’s address into the area for location and click find. It will then show you a google map of your office location. Now at the bottom of the page click save changes (depending on your browsers settings you may not have to do this if it says it has already been Auto Saved the Save Changes button will be greyed out and not clickable).

You have now optimized the on-page settings for your video.

Be sure to complete all these steps at the same time that you upload the videos – don’t wait a few hours – as you will lose out on a significant amount of SEO value if these steps are not followed at the time that you upload the video.

If you have access to edit you Google Map (if you have claimed your Google Map) you can add up to 5 YouTube Videos to you Google Map. This is highly recommended as it will help to boost the SEO for your Google Map.

Did you enjoy it? Share it and make a difference today!

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