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Today is the day to put your plan to work!

I have met with hundreds of chiropractors in my career and as I am confident you have also experienced…they are a unique breed. However, there are some very specific ways that they can be categorized. You could categorize them by techniques or philosophies but this tends to create a bit of strife. I prefer to categorize them by personality archetypes which loosely translates to the type of practice which they will migrate toward creating. In my opinion there are 4: The Strategist, The Structuralist, The Aesthetic, and The Executionist.

Each of these archetypes are quite complex but have a central underlying theme.

The Strategist loves to have a plan of action and thrives from creating checklists / to-do-lists. They are not happy just doing the work – they find it futile if there isn’t a plan and a goal to achieve. Unfortunately they tend to be dreamers invest a lot of energy into creating lots of plans.

The Structuralist wants everything to be in it’s place. Their planning primarily associates to getting everything an assigned location and keeping things organized. If everything is in it’s place then they are able to work at their very best. They hate disorganization and find that even modest levels create tremendous stress.

The Aesthetic wants everything to look and smell perfect. A bit of disorganization doesn’t bother them as long as all the colors a properly coordinated and the right candles are burning.

The Executionist just wants to keep busy and hates to see people just sitting around. They are not as concerned the work is resulting in a specific goal as long as everyone is staying busy. They will go from one task to another task (often leaving the previous uncompleted) but feel a sense of accomplishment if they worked hard all day.

Quite often Chiropractors will build their teams with similar minded personalities to their own demise. Can you imagine an entire team of Strategists or Structuralists? Creating a complimentary team which includes the right balance of each of these archetypes will lead to office that is ready for amazing growth.

10% Planning and 90% Action

As a rule this is a great guide with just a few adjustments. You should always start with Planning your work but don’t get over invested in the time of planning – get the rough outline of the course you must take to lead to the goal you want to achieve. Then add tons of action followed by careful evaluation of what you have achieve. Then use what you have learned from the experience to adjust your plan of action and repeat.

In reality if you have a burning desire to achieve your goal and are committed to the above process any goal can be achieved the only question is how long it will take to achieve it.

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For Your Health,

Dr. Patrick Coleman

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