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How to Add My Facebook Business Page As My Employer


I know this sounds like a trivial matter. However, the question has come up time and time again. How do I add my Facebook Business Page as my employer in my personal profile? It used to be a breeze to do this. You simply liked your business page and then edit your profile to add ...


How to suggest my Facebook Fan Page to All of my Friends

When you are trying to invite your friends to your new Facebook Fan page, it can be very tedious - especially if you have hundreds of friends. So here's a simple Facebook tip that will help you to quickly select all your friends so you can invite them all at the same time. Step 1: Login to ...


Getting Started with MyChiroBlog a new Horizon

A New Horizon for Chiropractic Websites At MyChiroBlog our goal is to provide a world-class online service for Chiropractors as competitively as possible. A new horizon in online marketing for Chiropractors. If you are ready to take your online marketing to the next level you will want MyChiroBlog on your team.

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