Adding Social Media Links to my website

Adding links to your social media profiles on your website is a breeze if you are used to editing your own website or if you have someone that edits your website for you. Doing it in a way that helps your websites SEO (search engine optimization) at the same time also makes good sense.

We use your blog for promoting your website. So, there is a simple modification to the link for your blog that we suggest called a “nofollow” which is invisible to a site visitor.

Where you place the image links on your website depends on the layout of your site. Placing them near the bottom of the homepage or near the top of a column if your page has columns is a good choice. However, this is aesthetics – so it is really up to you.

Many web-designers perfer to use .css to display the image links, which is a very clean way of adding images. However, this limits adding searchable keywords to the site. I suggest inline images with title tags and alt tags.

For layout you can use .css with div’s styles or your can use tables. For ease of layout I use tables with most of the template chiropractic websites today.

I have attached a .zip file that includes a sample code and images. If you don’t like the images I have provided you can download some for free at

Click here to download our .zip file.

Be sure to update the code using search and replace for the city and state abbreviation to match the city and state abbreviation of your office and of course update the relative urls for the images to reflect where you have loaded them on your server. Also update the urls to your social media profiles: blog, facebook, twitter, and YouTube.

If you would like us to make this update to your site – we do this for our SEO clients when we make the first round of on page SEO updates to your site. This is typically done near the end of the second month of our SEO service.

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