Spring is the time to start growing!!

When will today be the day to put your plan of action to work?

I have spoken with dozens of Chiropractors over the last few months that all seem to be paralyzed by the unknown. What is going to happen with Obamacare? What changes should I make in my practice? Should I be more toward insurance or away from it? Should I get a new website or try to fix my current one? Blah, blah, blah! Favazam shalom!!

The reality is that the more you focus on uncertainty the more uncertain you become and uncertainty leads to doubt and doubt leads to fear. When you are in the state of fear and uncertainty in most people this leads to a paralysis of action. My Dad always said that there are only two things that you can be certain of – death and taxes. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people actually believe that to be true. You can choose to be certain about anything. You can become passionate about something to which you are certain. Passion creates the fuel for your fire that leads to great action.

Not taking action for fear of taking the wrong action is the worst kind of paralysis! You would be better off to take the wrong action again and again as long as you learn from the experience and adjust your course accordingly then you actually didn’t make a mistake. You made and opportunity to learn!

10% Planning and 90% Action

As a rule this is a great guide with just a few adjustments. You should always start with Planning your work but don’t get over invested in the time of planning – get the rough outline of the course you must take to lead to the goal you want to achieve. Then add tons of action followed by careful evaluation of what you have achieve. Then use what you have learned from the experience to adjust your plan of action and repeat.

In reality if you have a burning desire to achieve your goal and are committed to the above process any goal can be achieved the only question is how long it will take to achieve it.

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